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LED News

According to Japanese media reports, Panasonic will ent […]

What are you thinking when someone else refers to LED?Innovative?energy efficient ?or sustainable?LED definitely has all the qualities,so,today let’s dig into it.

LED components is the most important parts of full color LED display. Because of that, improving the LED components’ quality is the key of making a good full color LED display…

the LED sign industry has grown in an unsustainable manner in different kinds of sectors such as the food services, entertainment, information, education, trade and health.
LED illuminated signs have played an important role in the times which we live today informing in a different way.
Introduction player's information, the live sports game. Large, clear screen broadcast of the game, breaking the seat limitation and make the watching more easier
Connect referee system, timing and scoring system, LED screen in real-time game match time and score
To live broadcasting, large and clear on screen, broke the seat restrictions, let distance performances easier, give a person the audiovisual feast personally
Broadcasting stage background picture, create a vivid, real and shock stage atmosphere
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