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Advertising LED Display
Advertising LED Display
The brief introduction of LED display advertising media

With the increasingly development of LED technology,while the cost of LED reduces, the  cost of LED display is also dropped substantially.Indeed,The great decreasing of the LED display cost promotes the popularity LED display applications.In the age of present,advertising medium ,as one of the biggest LED full color screen application fields ,upgrading the overall  traditional advertisement at a staggering rate.

The application of LED advertising display

1.In single or multiple business centers and major traffic areas, the outdoor full-color giant LED screen is built to constitute outdoor giant screen network.It covers the whole city even whole country.

2.With strong visual impact, ultra-clear pictures, huge shock force, the giant LED screen presents the magic of advertising. It sways the brand image of the company.The giant screen is local landmarks, it is a good advertisement.

3.In bustling streets and community, small and medium-sized full color LED display move message that built to form a media network.

4.Small LED display screen has strong communication penetration, wide Network coverage, directly access to consumer terminals, low investment, quick return, good advertising effect.

Features and Advantages of Product

1) We not only provide installation support, also provides a full range of LED display systems, which includes: control systems, power supply (outlet), software, accessories, the structural drawing of installation and other services.

2) Our LED display can be used in different climatic zones in the world,working under the temperature range from
-30 ℃ to 60 ℃. They have good moisture-proof box corrosion resistance, so the product can even be used in the high humidity and high salinity of the sea air environment.

3) Outdoor LED display brightness is more than 6000cd/sqm, suitable for different installation environments. In product design, we have been adhering to the design concept of energy saving.

4) Our LED display control system has double backup system,so that customers can immediately switch to the backup system in case of failure.

5) We also provide associated maintenance spare parts, all of which are modular design for easy maintenance service

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