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Stadium LED Display
Stadium LED Display
The brief introduction of Stadium LED display

With the unceasing development and perfection , the Stadium LED display has become a modern  stadiums necessary facilities.
Our company with rich experience, advanced technology, perfect service for customers around the world with complete and reliable LED display sports venues application solutions.

The application of LED advertising display

1.Introduction player's information, the live sports game. Large, clear screen broadcast of the game, breaking the seat limitation and make the watching more easier.

2.Connect referee system, timing and scoring system, LED screen in real-time game match time and score.

3.Exciting scene, slow motion playback, close-up, brings the perfect visual feast.

4.Broadcast of commercial advertising to match the scene icing on the cake, the perfect picture quality and sound effects to make the scene more shocking game and the atmosphere.

Features and Advantages of Product

1) Single-pixel correction for each pixel, each module, each box and the screen body, the LED screen showed a perfect white balance results.

2) Our LED display has professional sports player, and efficient optical fiber transmission,which can effectively reduce the phenomenon of broadcast signal delayed to ensure the live broadcast and on-site synchronization, the referee system accuracy.

3) Sport LED display has automated color calibration, color temperature adjustment function to give you a perfect live image.

4) The high refresh rate up to 2000Hz makes the LED display screen more stable and avoid the stroboscopic phenomenon effectively.

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