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Stage LED Display
Stage LED Display
The brief introduction of stage LED display

With the application of the LED display at the"Spring Evening", "the same song" columns and so on. LED display's appliance on stage background is increasingly familiarized by the common people. The special function of the super large LED display on the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic games rise the mode which use LED as background to all-time height.LED display is used as an application background makes LED rise to an unprecedented level.
Our company has rich experience, top production equipment, strict control procedure, unique service system, 3-star price, 4-star quality, We have been working hard to provide a best service for domestic and overseas customers. We would like to co-operate with  partners all over the world to promote  the appliance of LED display and the progress of LED technology.

The application of stage LED display

1.To live broadcasting, large and clear on screen, broke the seat restrictions, let distance performances easier, give a person the audiovisual feast personally.

2.Broadcasting stage background picture, create a vivid, real and shock stage atmosphere

3.The perfect combination of the vivid picture and shocking music,create wonderful scenes.

Features and Advantages of Product

1) Support multi-window flexible player software and interactive software.

2) For the modular design,our led panel can be disassembled quickly and assembled flexiblely in anywhere and anytime.

3) Our led display can be assembled widely,and wind and rain proof.

4) Network structure, creating the world's thinnest and lightest flexible LED display.

5) Minimum weight design, the 0.6 × 1.2 m units (including the control and power supply) weighs only 4 kg. Control of technological innovation and well-optimized structure, creating the world's lightest.

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