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P31.25 mesh LED Sign
Product Type:P31.25
Pixel Pitch:31.25mm
Optimal Viewing Distance:≥30m
Products Advantages: Light weight, thin cabinet, thinness , seeing-through , waterproof to provide easy and fast implement with the friendly hardware/software interface.Adopts modular design, easy installation and maintenance.....[more]
P37.5 mesh LED Sign
Product Type: P37.5
Pixel Pitch:37.5mm
Optimal Viewing Distance:≥40m
Products Advantages:It adopts syn control system to compatible DVI,VGA,HDMI,S-VIDEO, which can display various video, image-text randomly through the mode of transmission real time&syn.....[more]
P25 mesh LED Sign
Product Type: P25
Pixel Pitch:25mm
Optimal Viewing Distance:25m~84m
Products Advantages:Using transparent screen designed, does not affect body ventilation and rear lighting, lighting uniformity, low wind age resistance.Stages, clubs , live show, background and exhibition booths form the perfect environment for the meshes....[more]
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