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P18 Outdoor SMD Curtain
Product Type:P18
Pixel Pitch:18mm
Pixel Configuration:SMD 3 in 1
Optimal Viewing Distance:22.5m--60m
Products Advantages:Curtain LED display is usually used for staging events and creative applications when the transparency is needed.SMD technology takes super wide perspective for the LED Strip; better color perfor-mance, higher contrast ratio and higher refresh rate...... .[more]
P25 Outdoor SMD Curtain
Product Type:P25
Pixel Pitch:25mm
Pixel Configuration:SMD 3 in 1
Optimal Viewing Distance: 31m--83m
Products Advantages:hebsign provide the curtain led diplay have good qualities:light weight,good permeability, convenient for installation and disassembly,which make it can adjust to different applications...... [more]
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