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Fixed Installation LED display solution
The physical structure of Fixed Installation solution

As the most popular installation method of the new generation indoor & outdoor media, Fixed Installation LED displays generally show in  the following:

1) Single Pillar Type:

single pillar type led display

2) Double Pillar Type:

double pillar type led display

3) Wall-Mounted Type:

wall mounted type led display

4) Hanging Type:

hanging type led display

5) Floor-Mounted Type:

floor mouted

6) Embedded Type:

embeded type led display

The application of fixed Installation LED display

As we know advertisement is the mainly usage of the LED screen. Fixed installation LED display solution is the best and popular method for advertising.
Building outdoor full-color giant LED screen in single or multiple business centers and major traffic areas to compose outdoor giant screen network which covers the whole city even whole country,Giant LED display screen with strong visual impact, ultra-clear pictures, huge shock force, illustrate the strong charm of advertising. It is conducive to building and transmitting companies' brand image.

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