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We will supply with one of the best technology service and after-sale service, includes:

1) We are ready to listen to your objectives and create a detailed proposal that reflects your needs and you'll always speak with a real person who appreciates your busy schedule.

     We'll make you look good - Our strict attention to detail allows us to be your second set of eyes, catching things you missed before they go to production.

     You have a proactive partner - As one client put it, "You keep me on schedule." Our experience helps us offer suggestions to save you time and money. We also confirm final specifications, proofs and pricing with you before production so you'll always know exactly what you'll be getting and how much it will cost.

     We handle your ever-changing details and timelines - We understand you're probably without time and understaffed. That's why we offer flexible processes and schedules that allow you to submit what you want, how you want, and when you want. We wait as late as possible to begin production to accommodate last-minute changes.

Follow up with you - When you choose us, you will know that the transcation between us does not end after we send the order out. We make sure you are completely satisfied and welcome your input on how we can improve.

2) We supply with the whole set of technology files, equipment material and using and maintain introduction.

3) Free to train operator. Because system operation and daily universality maintenance needs rather professional knowledge and skill. So our company will put forward the training plan and train the assigner for users Includes:

    a.operating training: system summarize, system operating program, program execution demonstration and operating practice on-the-spot.

     b.servicing training: The adjustment of the check, system of each parts of system with maintain, the system expels with the breakdown of the parts.

4) We will supply with the upgrade service of related execution, control, software play.


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